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RATS manufactures ~ Outdooor Remote Controlled Airships and Related Products.

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Our focus ~  Produce the very best in equipment and accessories required for the business of ''Outdoor Radio Controlled Airships and Blimps".

Ratsinc is truly a very proud and dynamic Canadian Remote Control Airship Corporation.  A company who posses years of priceless experience and knowledge relative to this niche and profitable market.  We find ourselves on the cusp of this expanding RC Airship and Blimp technology, and certainly have acquired an infinite sense and appreciation for this business and the very future of the global market place.  Best described, we're a novel corporation that's ''on trend'' and ''on target'' with our endeavors and we've relied on this sharp vision to this day. 

We've creatively invented many new technologies over the years, all of which have been designed to harmonize not only to you as a consumer, but as importantly, with the many wishes of the Aviation Authorities.  The industry ''as it stands'' requires many areas of expertise, and we hope that with our experience and exceptional product combined with honed operational procedures, that you too might agree " that you as a client will prosper from our abilities and our integrity".  

Ultimately, whether your desire is to provide an RC Airship or Blimp service of your own, or possibly to commission an outdoor Blimp/Airship for an upcoming Marketing Campaign, there are many considerations that are at the core of anything that is Radio Controlled.  For example, serviceability, ease of operation and an ability to operate in moderate weather.  

To make an informed decision, we can only hope that our in-depth links can help you create a "base line'' for what is actually required to be successful in this exciting Remote Controlled Airship and Blimp Industry.  

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